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Got a Surfing Injury? There's an App for that!!!

As we all know, surfing is categorised as an extreme sport with many variables that can go wrong whilst surfing. Injuries are an extremely predominant one of these factors and eventually occur to every surfer sometime or another in their lifetime of surfing. Surfing injuries can be a downer no matter what surfing level you are at. There is nothing more annoying than being injured while your friends are surfing pumping waves and you are left on the beach to either video them or just be an onlooker.

An important factor of any surfing injury is knowing how to treat it the most effective way so your can get back in the water as quick as possible. It is not uncommon for surfers to rush back into the water before they have fully recovered from an injury and then re-injure themselves even further. This is where a new range of apps can help any surfer to the road of recovery so their injury is treated appropriately and effectively to get them back in the water as soon as possible.

My Injury Apps put injury information, treatment and rehab exercises into the palm of your hand so any surfer can effectively manage their injury from their own home. Created by a new start up company “ReGen Health Technology” who specialise in creating Health related apps, the suite of injury apps will help you get back in the water quicker. The apps have injury specific exercises that allow you to deal with your injury in specific treatment stages.

For more information about each of the injury apps visit | App Store | Facebook

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