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What to improve custom surfboard orders?

Want to improve board sales direct from your factory or retailers?

Want to make it easy for customers to order custom boards?

Want to make it easy for customers to view your board models and inquire about boards?

If you are interested in all of the above then getting a custom iPhone app built for your board label is for you. Having a customized iPhone app for your surfboard label will easy allow customers to order custom boards through the use of the custom order form built into the app. Having a customized tab bar with navigation control iPhone application for your surfboard label makes it super easy for new and regular customers to view your board models, inquire about boards and order boards all from the palm of their hand. And the best thing about having an app is users can do all of this on the go. Board shapers Jon Pyzel and Lee Stacey have seen the light and are taking advantage of this technology to improve their surfboard sales and reach a larger customer base around the world. Here is what some users are saying about using their shapers app:

Quick and Easy ★★★★★ by Roseatrockies​

"Great way to order a custom Pyzel Board! I was able to look over different models and review recommended volumes then easily send an order to Pyzel. I was sent an estimate within two days of sending my order in and was able to make my deposit online. I received my board in 4 weeks and love it."

Surfboard App ★★★★★ by @wyatthebson

"Awesome,very helpful !"

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If you want to see what you could expect to get in your customized surfboard iPhone app download the free Pyzel Surfboards iPhone App or the Stacey Surfboards iPhone App to get a taste. If your interested in a quote drop me an email to and I can review your website to give you a custom quote for your very own app (I design the app to be customized with the look of your website). When sending an email please include your board label name and your website.

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