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iSurfer - Surfboards Guide is your complete guide to surfboards information. Inside the app you will find detailed information for all parts of a surfboard including information about fins and fin systems. Our surfboard length guide charts makes it easy to work out what length surfboard best suits each surfer by taking into account their height and weight.



➤ Different surfboard shapes and their characteristics and suited surf conditions

The roles that length, width and thickness play in surfboard design

Different types of tails and their strengths and weaknesses

Different rail shapes and their strengths and weaknesses

Different bottom concaves and what conditions and boards they suit best

What affects the rocker, nose lift and tail lift can have on your surfboard

Information about the types of glass jobs commonly used

iSurfer - Surfboards Guide App

iPhone Version

iPad Version

iSurfer - Surfboards Guide App | Apps for surfers | Surf Apps



The custom surfboard order section will allow you to create your own custom surfboard and email it to a shaper. It gives you all the options you would find on a standard surfboard order form and it makes ordering a new surfboard quick, simple and easy, all from the palm of your hand. There are over 60 of the world best shapers listed and involved with the iSurfer - Surfboards Guide app. If you are unsure of what board to order you can always send an inquiry from the surfboard inquiry page located within the app.

iSurfer - Surfboards Guide App | Apps for surfers | Surf Apps



All the information you need to know about the characteristics of fins and what part of the fin does what, you will find in the fins section. You will learn what effects the base, depth, sweep, foil, flex and cant have on a performance of a fin. Knowing this type of information can then help you choose the right size and shape fins to suit your own surfing.

You will also find information about the most commonly used fin systems used in surfboards today. Details about the advantages and disadvantages of each system and a rating system to show the characteristics for each system. The information provided will give you a guide on what fin system you would like in your next surfboard.

iSurfer - Surfboards Guide App | Apps for surfers | Surf Apps



Within the size charts section you will find a variety of surfboard size charts for beginner to intermediate surfers. All charts take into account the surfer’s weight and height and provides a guide to the size surfboard which would best suit them.

Beginner Charts:

➤ Surfboard length guide for Softboards

➤ Surfboard length guide for Longboards

Intermediate Charts:

➤ Length guides for Fish surfboards

➤ Length guides for groveller surfboards

➤ Length guides for shortboard surfboards

➤ Length guides for midsize surfboards

➤ Length guides for gun surfboards

➤ Length guides for Funboard surfboards

➤ Length guides for Mini Mal surfboards

➤ Length guides for Malibu surfboards

iSurfer - Surfboards Guide App | Apps for surfers | Surf Apps
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