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Beach Safety

Rips and currents are the number one hazard on beaches and are the cause of most rescues and many drownings a year. So we have just brought out the only iPhone application of its kind educating people around the world about beach safety.

iPhone Version

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This application provides information about rips, currents, stingers and even sharks. With everything you need to know about rips and currents, there is now no excuse to get caught in a rip ever again whilst swimming at the beach. Majority of the people that go to the beach have no idea of the purpose and function of rips and not to mention, why we must have them. Not to worry, all of your questions regarding Rips are answered in this one and only iPhone application.

What you will learn from this application about rips and currents:

- What a rip and a current is
- How they are formed
- Why do they exist
- How to identify rips
- How to survive and stay in control
- Why are they dangerous
- Commonly located

The application also provides vital information regarding treatment of jellyfish and blue bottle stings. Along with facts about sharks and their behaviors and what signs may indicate that a shark could be present and also what may attract sharks. When majority of people go to the beach they are more than likely to take there mobile phone in case of emergency. By having this application on your iPhone or iPod you will be able to have all of the information in the palm of your hand allowing you to identify the dangers which may be in front of you before entering the water.

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