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iSurfer - Surf Coach App is your complete app for any surfing enthusiast. Anything and everything to do with surfing is covered in this app. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced surfer, we have information that could benefit your surfing skills. This app is the only one of its kind available on the App Store which makes it a must have for all surfers. iSurfer - Surf Coach App has been designed into beginner, Intermediate and advanced sections to allow your surfing progression to be as easy and straight forward as possible.

iSurfer - Surf Coach App

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The beginner section provides information from teaching people the best waves to start surfing in to standing and turning a surfboard. All information is condensed down as much as possible so all steps are direct and straight to the point. The beginner section not only appeals to the actual surfer starting out but also to aspiring surf coaches, dads, mums and there friends. We cover all the main points which are taught in a beginner surf lesson in this section of our app.

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The Intermediate section will teach you the most important moves in surfing which is fundamental to becoming a better surfer. We provide condensed, but detailed descriptions of each maneuver for both your forehand and backhand. Step by step instructions and body movements of how to perform each maneuver confidently and with commitment.

iSurfer - Surf Coach App | Surf Apps | Surfing Apps



The advanced section will help you take your surfing to the boundaries. We cover all the moves which you always thought to yourself would be impossible. But with practice and time you also could be doing airs, huge carves, tail-slides and getting yourself deeper inside the barrel with a few technique instructions.

iSurfer - Surf Coach App | Surf Apps | Surfing Apps



The surf log feature allows you to track your surfing progression in the palm of your hand by simply logging each surf you have in your surf log. The logbook can work in so many ways. It can allow you to keep track of the moves you have been working on, which boards go best in specific conditions, keep a surf travel diary or just log surfs to look back on all your surf sessions in the past. You can also export every surf you have to your mates, sponsors or even coaches. The surf log feature also allows you to save all of your surf spots and boards for quick reference when saving a session. Furthermore it allows you to save photos of the conditions to each particular surf from your camera roll or the camera itself.

iSurfer - Surf Coach App | Surf Apps | Surfing Apps



The best way to use iSurfer would be to decide on a move you would like to work on in your next surfing session. Whilst your in the car park getting ready to go for your surf you can navigate to the move you want to work on in iSurfer. Read up on the steps that are required to perform the move and then go out and do it. Quick, easy and simple. And when you finish your surf session, log your progress and keep a close eye on all your surfs and your progress. All in the palm of your hand.

It does not just stop at surfing. There is a section completely designated for equipment and its functionality, Safety and all the dangers with rips, currents and stingers. We also provide the surfing rules and surf terminology and much much more.

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