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Pyzel Surfboards

Ever wondered why John John Florence surfs so good? Well the answer may well be under his feet. Master shaper of Pyzel Surfboards, Jon Pyzel has been shaping John John Florences boards since he was five and John John has been going from strength to strength with each new board Pyzel shapes for this young surfing superstar.

iPhone Version

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What you will find in Pyzel Surfboards App


PYZEL BOARD MODELS - Each board model has a detailed description of how and why this particular model works so well and what conditions it is best suited to.​ Shaper Jon Pyzel provides dimension suggestions when ordering a particular model surfboard​ and also an inquiry function to allow users to send an email and inquire about a particular model directly from the app.

CUSTOM BOARD ORDER - This feature allows you to create and order a custom Pyzel surfboard straight from the palm of your hand. Its, quick, simple and easy.

Here you will find information, videos and Bios on Pyzel and his riders and also other information regarding previous pros that have ridden his boards in the past.

Keep up to date with Pyzels movements along with his team riders movements through the Pyzel Blog. The blog is customized to fit the iPhone/iPod touch screen perfectly so you can check out the news on all of Pyzels movements.

The more section provides users with contact details, Pyzel twitter, Important board design information, product information and an inquiries function.Ever wondered why John John Florence surfs so damn good? Well the answer is under his feet.


LATEST UPDATE - App features new store locater information

Pyzel Surfboards announces the re-launch of their Pyzel Surfboards App for iPhone. The newly updated app allows users to locate the nearest dealer or order a custom board through the store. The new store locator feature allows you to search through the dealers by country or select the “Nearby” option to find a list of the nearest dealers to your current location. The newly updated app also allows users to view vital information for all types of boards. Dealers are being added regularly to the database to allow Pyzel Surfboards to be available all over the world.

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