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iSurfer - Surf Coach App

So Good ★★★★★ by Nikkerz93

"This app is so good, I've improved so much at surfing! Definitely worth my 99c"

Nice Work ★★★★★ by SouthCoastBoy

"So much info, app gets better and better with every update"


Excellent Reference Tool ★★★★★ by dan_1963

"If you want an on the go reference app to improve your surfing this is it. Super easy to navigate, loads of useful info, tips and lessons. Will help you improve"

iSurfer - Surfboards Guide App

Brilliant app and a must have!!! ★★★★★ by Leigh.P

"This is a great app to help you design what you want and really easy to use. It has heaps of great info and it explains things in plain terms. If you're getting a board made this is a must have, it reduces the chances of any misunderstanding so you get what you ordered. BRILLIANT app!!!!!!"

iDeal for any surfer ★★★★★ by Cale.sbh

"Finally! An app that is well thought out and well written. I highly recommend this app for any surfer trying to know his board(s). If possible it would be great to add a little bit more details on riding each board (ex: On a double concave it's a board that needs to be driven on its rails, to do sharp maneuvers. Kind of like snowboarding.) This could be also a personal way of surfing… I'll let you decide. Brilliant app anyways. I still haven't taken it off my iDevices. Cheers."


iSurfer - Surfboard Repairs App

Perfect for the do it yourselfer ★★★★★ by DC Sports

"This app gives you good tips on repair. Very helpful :)."


Best App ★★★★★ by Tyson-W.A

"Best app by far! Yesterday I fractured my rail and got reef in it! In association with easy rider repair kit this app took me a step by step process to make a professional job in just hours!! Thanks guys!"


Easy ★★★★★ by SurfyGirl

"Super easy to follow with simple step by step instructions."

iSurfer - Surf Log App

Great ★★★★★ by Lakeys

"Super easy to use and great to track all my surfs."


Beach Safety

Awesome App! ★★★★★ by Surfer8844

"Everyone has to get this app it is an awesome app about beach safety how to tell out rips what to do when a medical emergency happens in the water and what to do when you get stung by a bluebottle or marine stinger it tells you when it is best to go swimming in the water and what type of water to swim in and also what water not to swim in it is an awesome app and the best part about this app is that it is completely free u should so get it!😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄"


Informative & life-saving ★★★★★ by Stable level

"Simple & helpful information. Life-saving."


Bondi Boy!!! ★★★★★ by Indo1

"Thank you!!!! hopefully everyone that gets off there planes and comes here and anywhere for that matter, will download this excellent app.. It will save lives and make our lifesaving job easier. This information is Perfect!!!!"

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